Monday, 19 October 2009

Jar Labels

When I first began preserving I thought I was being clever by keeping costs extra low and not bothering to label my preserves. However it became a bit of a pain when I'd pay the store cupboard a visit 6 months later to treat our guests to a nice homemade chutney only to realise I didn't know what was what. Those days are long gone and I now label each and every jar; knowing which jars contain which preserves is really handy! Me being myself and insisting on doing a good job of things, I have become bored of using the same old jam jar labels to label everything with. With this in mind, I set out to design a grand range of jar labels - a label for every occasion. One might think this is a little over the top but it really does give your preserves that extra special homemade look and adds a touch of class. The range is constantly growing; whenever I can't quite find the perfect preserve label, or if I receive any suggestions, I'll set to work and design the perfect match for the tasty preserve in question.

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