Sunday, 10 October 2010

Handy Jam Funnels

Last night I made a batch of our favourite chutney - caramelised red onion chutney with port and green peppercorns. It's exceedingly tasty with some hard smoked goats cheese and rosemary biscuits. As always, the jam funnel was a life saver and made easy work of potting up. We usually finish the chutney with some black gingham labels and they look rather snazzy. I'd recommend the black gingham labels for any dark coloured preserve; when coupled with black lids they look amazing. There are a variety of different coloured gingham labels available at Preserve Shop but if there's a colour you'd like that isn't there, please let us know and we'll make them available.

Festive Chutney Recipe

I've just posted a new recipe on the Preserve Shop website, so grab your jam jars and fill them with this excellent festive chutney - Festive Cranberry and Cointreau Chutney

It makes a great gift, but be sure to make enough for yourself as it's invaluable over the festive period.